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2018 Democratic Convention/Caucus
Saturday, March 24, 10 a.m.
McClelland Arts Center
951 Delaware Street, Longview, WA

for Selection of delegates to State meeting
June 15-16, Wenatchee Convention Center
121 N. Wenatchee Avenue
and finalize Cowlitz County Platform

Cowlitz County has been allotted 2 delegates & 1 alternate for the 19th LD and 1 delegate for the 20th LD.

Click on “GEHH” tab to see 2017 award winners

Our Newly Elected 2016-18
Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs)

Left to right
Donna McLain (Pacific 48), Melissa Thompson (Sliver Lake 58) , Mary Lyons (Ammons 2), Susan Schwartz (Hillcrest 24), Sherry Davis (Windermere 68), Jeni Quiriconi (Alabama 1), Lisa Alexander (Red Path 51), Twylla Corrie (Ponderosa 49), Robert Bersuch (Columbia Heights 16), Megan Richie (Robbins 53), Spencer McMillan (Mint Valley 40), Richard Dreier (Ocean Beach 44), Shawn Nyman (Sacajawea 56), Harvey Williamson (Stella 61), Mike Kayser (Delameter 19), Landis Potts (Kalama North 27).

Cowlitz County Democrats 2017 Calendar (pdf)


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