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Precinct Committee Officers

A Precinct Committee Officer, commonly known as a PCO, represents the Democratic Party within a neighborhood area called a precinct.  The Precinct Committee Officers are elected by filing their intent and having their name placed on the primary ballot in even numbered years. Then the PCO is elected by the voters in their Precinct.  By State law (RCW 29A.80.51) to be declared elected, the separate party candidates for these offices must receive at least 10% of the number of votes cast for the candidate of his/her party that received the greatest number of votes in that precinct. [State law changed on March 14, 2012]. The term is 2 years and commences on the first day of December following the election.  The PCO’s have voting rights to elect officers in the Legislative District and in the County organization. The function of the Precinct Committee Officer is to organize a group of like-minded neighbors in their precinct, to identify the political leanings of the voters in their precinct, and to provide those voters with political information at election time, ie, to get Democrats elected.

Precinct Committee Officer Listings

PCO Appointments January, 2017- May, 2018


For additional information and a list of all the Precincts and Precinct Committee Officers in Cowlitz County please visit the Cowlitz County Elections Department website at:

If you are interested in filling a PCO vacancy,  please fill out the volunteer form located under the ‘contact us’ tab at the top of this website.

PCO Handbook

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