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Endorsement Process

Cowlitz County Democratic Central Committee

Endorsement Process

If you are requesting an endorsement and/or financial support from the Cowlitz County Democratic Central Committee, please send a letter of request to:

E-mail the completed questionnaire to or mail to Cowlitz County Democratic Central Committee; Attn: Secretary; P.O. Box 928; Kelso, WA 98626.

Endorsements will be considered at the Central Committee Executive Board meetings (at this time the Executive Board meets on the third Monday of the month at 6:30 pm).

A questionnaire must be received by the first of the month to be considered at that month’s Central Committee Executive Board meeting.



  • You are invited to attend the Executive Board meeting in person, send a representative, or send a letter.
  • At this meeting, you will be interviewed, and those present will have the opportunity to ask questions about your positions on issues.
  • In addition to the Central Committee, there are three other Democratic groups in Cowlitz County:  the Democratic Club, the Democratic Women, and the Young Democrats.  The boards of all four groups will make a decision on recommending endorsements and take the decision to their next meeting.
  • Endorsements may be made at any point in the election cycle and more than one candidate may be endorsed for any office.
  • Candidates are always welcome to attend meetings.

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