✅ BE A WASHINGTON STATE ELECTED OFFICERFile To Be A Precinct Committee Officer For Your Neighborhood


Online filing begins at 9:00 am on Monday, May 14, 2018 and ends at 4:00 pm on Friday, May 18, 2018. Candidates who have filed will not appear on the list of candidate filings until they are approved. PCO filings will appear on a separate list.


No cost. The commitment is if/when called upon by the state to cast a vote if one your state legislators is unable to complete their term. Then the corresponding political party of the legislator leaving chooses candidates for a replacements and the LD PCOs vote on who will replace the exiting legislator.


If only one individual files in a precinct, the individual who filed wins without a public vote. If two or more run in a precinct then their names are listed on the ballot. Only voters in that precinct who are of the same party vote for PCO. There are hundreds of PCO positions in Clark County so they just list the names on the ballot and no information in the Voter Pamphlet. No campaigning is necessary unless you want to campaign


Within the Democrat Party, Elected PCOs vote for local party leadership every two years with the next elections being in January 2019 for County and LD officers who will serve 2019-2020. Four of those leaders, State Committemen/women (2 County, 2 LD), represent us at WA State Democrats meetings and conventions. PCOs elected in 2018 will elect State Committeemen/women who will elect the 4 WA DNC Members who will cast votes on details for the 2020 Election

Additionally, some PCOs attend local Democratic meetings and share info and candidate literature with their precinct. It’s a great way to serve our community. We work on getting legislation passed as well as getting Democrats elected


2 years 2019-2020. PCOs elected in 2018 will be in office for the 2020 Presidential Election cycle.

So, if you want to be an elected WA State officer and vote in local, state, and national Democratic Party leadership for 2019-2020 file on line with the Cowlitz County Elections Office.


Cowlitz County Democrats PCO Page