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Cowlitz County Democratic Central Committee

Endorsement Process

Updated Endorsement Process and Endorsement Questionnaires

Candidates can request an Endorsement from the organization via email, letter or in-person during a speaking engagement. Next, the candidates need to fill out the appropriate questionnaire and submit it to:

The questionnaires are available in the links at the bottom of this page. Submissions will be reviewed and candidates will be contacted by the Endorsement Committee for an in-person interview.

The Endorsement Committee makes their recommendations to the Executive Board of the CCDCC. The Executive Board weighs in and provides a recommendation to the general membership at a CCDCC general meeting. It is at the discretion of the Endorsement Committee and the Executive Board to recommend no endorsement, multiple endorsements in a race, or one endorsement in a race. Endorsements are ratified by a vote of the general membership.

Financial Support for Campaigns

The CCDCC has limited funds and so puts emphasis on candidates who are running as Democrats in Partisan races. Candidates or representatives of campaigns may request financial support by sending an email to: Generally, the Executive Board evaluates requests for financial support along with the Endorsement process mentioned above.

Recommendations for financial support are made by the Executive Board to the general membership at a general CCDCC meeting. The general membership discusses and ratifies these decisions by vote. Timing can be important for these requests. Executive Board meetings are usually the fourth Monday of the month and Central Committee meetings of the general membership are usually the first Monday of the month.

Also, it is at the discretion of the Endorsement Committee and the Executive Board to recommend the timing of the Endorsements to take place before filing week, between filing week and the primary, or after the primary. Non-partisan races are discussed by the Executive Board on a case by case basis and Endorsements may or may not be made by the organization in Non-partisan races. If you have any questions, please send an email to: and we’ll get back to you.

A request for financial support can take several weeks to go through the process of committee review, Executive Board and general CCDCC meetings. So, please plan accordingly.

If you have any questions about the process, please send an email with questions to this address: or speak to a member of the Executive Board.


Click here for our Endorsement Policy


2018 Important Dates

Requesting an Endorsement Before the Primary

  1. Download the Questionnaire and send it in an email to the address provided by June 15, 2018. Request to be considered for an endorsement before the primary.

Request an Endorsement Before the General Election

  1. Download the Questionnaire, fill it out and send it in an email to the address provided by September 21, 2018. Request to be considered for an endorsement for the General Election.

County Questionnaire


Judicial Questionnaire


Legislative Questionnaire


2018 Pre-Primary Endorsements Update

Our pre-primary endorsement process was a success! Thank you to all those who participated both within the party by volunteering their time, and to those who submitted questionnaires and went through the interview process.

View the Endorsements Here.


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