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Go 4th Booth & Parade!

Booth setup

Booth Setup team

Paul McLain, Susan Taylor, Megan Graham, Donna McLain, Robert Rose, Susan Lee Schwartz

And THANKS to those that braved the heat to represent the Cowlitz County Democrats!

Richard Dreier, Gene & Linda Finley, Marcel Goulet, Megan Graham, Don Harkema,
Bonnie Mattson, Donna & Paul McLain,  Carrie & Landis Potts, Amber Rosewood,
J. D. Rossetti, Jennifer Rossetti, Susan Lee Schwartz, Dean Takko & Harvey Williamson

Parade Team
And many thanks to our intrepid Parade Team – To Heck with the Heat, Let’s MARCH!

Susan Lee Schwartz, Melissa Thompson, Dean & Debra Takko,
Paul McLain, J. D. Rossetti, Richard Dreier & Donna McLain

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